Alfredo Gemilang

Alfredo Gemilang

Web Developer, UI/UX Designer, Flow Expert,


Your Perfect Website Development Partner.

Website developer with years of web design experience.

I turn your designs into pixel-perfect Websites with great attention to detail and elegant animations. Say goodbye to the stressful back and forth with developers who have no feel for design. For a limited number of selected clients, I also cover the whole process of concept, design and development.


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Lightning fast loading times upon delivery.

Lightning-fast page load speed amplifies visitor engagement, retention, and boosts sales.

On-Page SEO.

Mobile Friendly Design.


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My Workflow to make a Website.

Step 1Project Request
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At the beginning of our collaboration is the project request. Your information helps me to understand if I am the right person for your project. If yes, we will arrange a video call.
Step 2First Meeting
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Personally, trust is extremely important to me when working together. In our initial meeting, we get to know each other and see if we are a good fit. Furthermore, we talk about the exact goals & requirements, clarify questions and define the next steps.
Step 3Proposal
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After I have learned as much as possible about your project, I create an individual proposal. I don't charge for my work by the hour, but on a per project basis. This way everyone has the full overview of the costs.
Step 4Implementation
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As soon as I have the required materials, I start with the implementation. I place particular emphasis on transparency, short communication channels (e.g. via WhatsApp) and regular updates.
Step 5Launch / Handover
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Before the launch, the finished website goes through an internal quality assurance in which it is put through its paces. Depending on the project, the website will be hosted via shared hosting or integrated into another environment via code export.

Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer exactly?

My focus is on the development of websites with PHP base framework. For selected clients I also do concept and design.

Which companies do you work with?

I work with almost all types of companies - from startups & SMEs, to Fortune 500 companies. Important for me are the visions and the people behind the project.

What are the payment terms for a project?

50% upfront and 50% after launch. However, this can be adjusted individually. For international transfers, most of my clients use Wise.

How much does a project cost?

Most of my projects range between $500 USD and $10.000 USD. My minimum engagement fee is $75 USD.

Do you work internationally?

Yes. I'm based in Indonesia and have clients in the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France and Switzerland.

How long does a project take?

Most of my projects take between 2 weeks and 2 months.

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